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Using our Trade service, you can see Containership demand and underlying vessel stoppages, journeys and cargo miles.

This proprietary information can help support your investment decisions, negotiate better, predict market movements and understand the competition.

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✔ Compare demand and supply fundamentals

✔ Analyse evolving trading patterns

✔ Understand the market across any trade route

✔ Extract data to support investment decisions


✔ Use better data to support your negotiations

✔ Identify potential risks

✔ See what your competitors are really doing with their vessels

✔ Use data to help improve your operational efficiency

Vessel Activity

Search and aggregate real time vessel level journeys and stoppage activity including:


|  Start and end ports for each journey

|  Journey duration, speed and distance

|  Cargo miles and estimated volumes



|  Cargo operations

|  Idling and waiting

|  In shipyard

|  Canal and choke point transits

|  Speeds

|  Time spent in port, terminal and anchorage


Search and analyse vessel activity to any aggregate level (i.e market or company fleet) including:

 Port, country and region level trade analysis

|  Cargo miles and volumes

|  Demand and supply balance

Other sectors we cover

Tankers > 15,000 DWT

Bulkers > 20,000 DWT

LNG & LPG > 100 CBM

Trade is used by

Shipowners and Ship Managers






Our methodology

Unlike traditional methods, we don’t rely on inaccurate or untimely customs data or captain’s reports. Instead we use our data and algorithms to calculate all analytics including cargo mile demand at the vessel level, including:

Satellite and terrestrial AIS data (updated each 15 minutes)

AIS cleaning methods, process and dedicated team

More than 30,000 identified and labelled pieces of geographic information (berths, jettys, ports, regions, bunkering zones, shipyards and much more)

Proprietary algorithms and processes (i.e. vessel behaviours analysis, probabilistic matching, VV clustering algorithm, nearest neighbour analysis)

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